What Do You Get in This Yoga Program?

This course contains 3 life changing programs and each one contains videos, audios, articles and e-books to transform of your body and mind!

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Valued at $147


This ancient holistic approach is now one of the most known stress reliever with no side effects to help your body to get stronger and healthier and to clear your mind in this modern stressful life.
In this section there are 70 downloadable yoga videos that demonstrate how to many yoga poses to help you to get control of your mind and body with easy to apply physical movements.
As little as 10 minutes a day will have you sleeping better, bursting with energy, PLUS lose weight to tone your body and sculpt the body of your dreams.

Yoga Poses HD Videos

yoga poses videos

  • Basic Yoga Poses You Should Know
  • 5 Poses to Relieve Stress
  • 8 Poses to Relax and Strengthen Your Body
  • 10 Poses for Weight Loss
  • 9 Poses to Fight Depression and Anxiety
  • 7 Poses to Help You With Menopause


Yoga E-booksyoga ebook logo

  • Spiritual Living – Baby steps to living a spiritually fulfilled life
  • The Health Zen – Spiritual lessons on losing weight without torturing yourself
  • Lucid Dreaming – how to being in control of your dreams in your life
  • Mantra mastery – master the art of practicing mantras to achieve goals increase in life
  • Reiki Retreat – your guide to reducing stress and relaxing with Reiki methods
  • Lose Weight Today with Yoga – A beginner’s guide to losing weight with yoga
  • Yoga Basics – a complete beginner’s guide to yoga


Yoga Bonuses

There are also many articles and valuable bonuses in yoga section that are life changing.




Valued at $128

The Powerful Art of Meditation originated over 2,000 years ago. Since then it has been used to achieve a sense of purpose, and to quiet the mind so you can connect with a higher power.
Whether your goal is healing, achieving inner serenity, finding a higher power or releasing your true potential, you are getting access to a complete range of guided meditation in this Yoga Meditation program.


8 Meditation E-books

  • Breath watching meditation – Improve focus and expand your mind
  • Empty your mind meditation – Purify your mind and stop procrastination
  • Heal yourself with meditation – heal yourself with powerful meditation techniques
  • Correct meditation techniques – the inside story on correct meditation strategies
  • Meditation for everyday living – a daily guide to meditation
  • Meditation for peace – a guide to discovering the joys of meditation to achieve peace and calmness
  • Mindfulness meditation – Cultivate your spirit and eliminate destructive habits
  • Walking meditation – the ultimate key to unlimited happiness

5 Meditation Audio Series with Transcriptsmeditation audio package

  • Healing meditation – audio meditation for accelerated healing
  • Higher power meditation – audio meditation for a greater relationship with your maker
  • Potential meditation – audio meditation for unleashing your hidden potential
  • Quiet the mind meditation – audio meditation for ultimate relaxation
  • Serenity meditation – audio meditation for achieving peace in oneness

Meditation Bonuses

  • Build your confidence audio – get unstoppable confidence in days!

9 Self Discovery Affirmations Audio Series

  • Financial freedom affirmations – affirmations for attracting wealth and financial freedom
  • Goal setting affirmations – affirmations for effective goal setting
  • Habits and subconscious affirmations – affirmations for building positive habits in improving your subconscious mind
  • Health and wellness affirmations – affirmations for attaining optimal health
  • Marketing business affirmations – affirmations for effective business and marketing goal setting
  • Positive thinking affirmations – audio affirmations are positive thinking in building the right mindset
  • Relationship affirmations – audio affirmations for making the best of your relationships
  • Self-discovery affirmations – affirmations for understanding the to you
  • Spirituality affirmations – audio affirmations for finding the Zen in you


Valued at $99

Do you suffer from stress and anxiety? Do you smoke and have been trying to quit, but you have not been able to?
Do you feel depressed and you feel the physical signs of depression?
Perhaps you don’t have enough money in your life? Or do you simply want to create the best life for yourself and your family?
This is a simple and pain free way to literally transform your life and “re-program” yourself to live the life of your dreams.

Self-hypnosis E-books

  • Hypnosis Mania – Unmasking the mysteries and powers of hypnotism
  • Hypnosis NLP – How to use hypnosis for self-improvement
  • What can Self-hypnosis do for you and your business? – Discover how you can easily get your mind to make money for you

Mind Power Self-hypnosis Audio Series with Transcripts

sylf hypnosis audio cd for sale

  • Branding relationships
  • Health and wellness
  • Mental strength 
  • Spiritual enlightenment


8 Self-hypnosis Audio Series

  • Amazing learning
  • Attract wealth
  • Be confident
  • Make your dreams come true
  • Quit smoking
  • True love
  • Weight loss


Self-hypnosis Bonuses


self hypnosis bonuses

  • Hypnosis for weight loss
  • Total relaxation
  • Beat depression now
  • The secrets of hypnosis



  • The secrets of hypnosis

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The Complete Yoga Meditation Package

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