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Most people think that anxiety is the same as fear, but there is a huge difference between fear and anxiety. Fear is a very powerful emotion that has a very strong effect on the mind and body.

Originally fear is one of our natural survival responses to protect us in case of emergency or attack. Not every fear is really a life threatening danger, but it is a natural response to something that a person feels is a threat.
So in other words, fear is a respond to something that will be considered as present threat, but anxiety is a kind of fear of something that has not come yet, and it might not actually ever happen!
It is your mind that is creating this scenario with “what if “question!
The problem is that fear is serving you with a purpose to protect you, but anxiety and the situation that is created in your mind is not real and has no purpose to serve you. It has a very powerful effect on your brain, but the things that you are thinking about have not happened yet and chance are that they never happen!

anxiety-attackIt is normal at some point in life for feel some sort of anxiety, that is not a big problem. The big problem is when you choose the wrong approach to deal with anxiety. For example instead of dealing with the problem you try to avoid it and run away from it, not only the problem remains unsolved, it can actually get bigger.

So the way you deal with anxiety and the steps you need to take to solve your anxiety problem are very important. How do you want to respond to those feelings that are taking over your current reality? For example if you focus on your feelings and the danger of them, the problems will get much worse. Obviously if your mind focuses on your scary thoughts it will drive you crazy, so what should you really do?
Keep in mind that anxiety and panic attacks are not really dangerous or emergencies, even if you think they are. Usually the cause of anxiety might not be anything external that has happened. Generally anxiety is created by your thoughts and interpretations like a movie made by your brain as a true story that has actually happened!

Natural Anxiety Relief


The way to control anxiety is exactly the same way that caused it. This time just you have to play a different movie in your mind. As you could scare yourself by a scenario of all the negative thoughts, if you do a positive scenario and play it on your brain your focus would go on the positive side of the story and it will change your life. This is the power of self hypnosis.
Self-hypnosis and re programming your mind with positive beliefs is the best natural anxiety relief that you can use at any time.

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