Introduction to Basic Yoga Movements

The movements in yoga are known as postures, positions and poses. Each instructor will call them something slightly different. They are also known as asanas.

Most yoga styles have 26 basic poses and these are the ones you would learn if you took Hatha Yoga. From here the poses will start to differ depending on which yoga type you are learning. This is why it is essential to at least learn the basic yoga postures first.

Then no matter which yoga class or video you follow to do yoga, you will have a good understanding of the basic movements. With slight modifications you can easily learn the new movements and styles.

Yoga postures include various types of positions from standing to seated as well as inverted positions. Some of the more common yoga poses that you might have heard of include:
• Lotus
• Cat Stretch
• Balance
• Seated Forward Bend
• Mountain Posture
• Back Stretch
• Knee and Thigh Stretch
• Cobra
• Leg Clasp

As you become more experienced with yoga you will find yourself performing all types of postures, some of which you will have never thought possible.
There are various ways that you can learn yoga. This includes going to a yoga  retreat, taking yoga classes and purchasing yoga course like the one that we offer at
The method you choose will depend upon how comfortable you feel participating in a class and of course your budget.
For many beginners a good way to start yoga is to buy a Yoga course. This gives you a good idea of just what yoga is all about. Plus you will get a feel for the movements.

Remember it will take time and effort to master the techniques, so don’t feel as though you can’t do yoga. Just persevere and you will learn.

The best choice is to pick whatever you feel comfortable with at first. Then when you decide that you want to continue with yoga you may wish to take a few classes. This way you can be sure that you are doing the movements correctly.

Plus it is always great to meet other people with the same interests.
If money is an issue then you can at least continue doing your yoga moves at home.

Yoga is such a wonderful exercise that you might want to try and encourage your children and even your spouse to join in. This way you will have your own mini class right at home!

If you are going to perform yoga at home then don’t forget to check out the videos in this course. It’s a great way to get a total body workout in while learning how to distress your body and mind. Something that we could all use today!

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