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Hypnotic Trance 

Hypnotic trance is more like a state of being absent-minded or daydreaming. You’ll have experienced a hypnotic trance a lot of times in your life. It’s the frame of mind where you’re so absorbed in a book or movie that you become lost in that domain. It’s that frame of mind where you drive for miles without thinking, and you don’t understand how you managed to get to your destination. It’s that frame of mind where you gaze into space, daydreaming about nothing in particular.

A trance is an altered state of consciousness and a deep trance makes it possible to access the subconscious mind to program it. The active left side of the brain blocks out any attempts to access the passive right side where the seat of the unconscious is. The right side of the brain is where we can program our minds to manifest what we want in reality.

The unconscious mind has unlimited capacity of storing information which can be easily or not so easily accessed. The unconscious mind does not analyze facts, but it tends to read between the lines, it assumes and infers, it is creative and imaginative.

While is seems that the two parts of the mind are so different, they tend to work in tandem in forming decisions as often the conscious mind is not aware that it makes a decision influenced by the experiences, feelings, beliefs, etc, stored in the unconscious.

Every trance is different and every person experiences trance differently. In religious practice, many people meditate, intake various substances, or pray to reach a trance-like state. When you have felt a trance a couple of times, you’ll be more informed as to what frame of mind you’re seeking.

Self hypnosis will help you to better your mental and physical well-being, and realize what a safe and powerful tool for change hypnosis is. By accessing the power of hypnosis as many people as possible should live long, healthy and happy and successful lives.


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