How Meditation Works?

meditation how toNow that we know what meditation is, let see how it works. Meditation is about investigating and learning to understand the mind. You need to know that meditation is not trying to solve the problems, it is the way you relax around the problems and you change your approach to them.
Most likely meditation  is like resting your mind .For example when you work your body hard you need to take a break, when meditation-1your mind works hard which it usually does every day by processing information, sounds, smells, feelings,  and so on  your mind needs a break. When you sleep you are giving a break to your mind, but unless you really relax your mind you cannot get over anxiety or fear.

Meditation, at this level, works by getting in touch, making a direct contact with the different feelings and emotions that we experience, as a fully conscious process; as opposed to just drifting, day-dreaming or sleeping. It’s been proven that meditation is a great way to increase your overall health.

Meditation is also used to achieve sense of spiritual and psychological freedom.  Some studies have demonstrated that the relaxing effects of meditation can even provide positive health benefits. By doing meditation a few minutes a day you can make peace with you and your universe by getting a positive mindset.

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