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Can Yoga Fight Depression?

What is depression? Feeling depressed or ‘down’ can be a normal reaction to the stress of your everyday life, but when the low mood continues for a month or longer, along with a number of other symptoms, a person may be experiencing depression. Usually a big event in life such as the loss of job,

yoga for weight loss

Yoga for Weight Loss

Use Yoga to Lose Weight Yoga is a sophisticated mind-body series of exercises that has a lot of benefits for your mind, body and spirit. A lot of celebrities do yoga to keep healthy and get in shape. For many professional athletes yoga is the way to improve their gaming skills. Some people believe that

Health Benefits of Yoga

How to improve your life with yoga Yoga is for everybody! It will give you more with less effort and it is not just working on your body. It will change your body, attitude and thoughts and makes you more aware of what is going on inside your body. There are too many advantages of

The origins of Yoga

Where did Yoga come from? Yoga has started in India thousands of years ago and the word yoga has its roots in the Sanskrit language and means to merge join or unite. The purpose of yoga’s healing exercises is to unite the mind and body in order to improve your health and happiness. Yoga exercises

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