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What is depression?

Feeling depressed or ‘down’ can be a normal reaction to the stress of your everyday life, but when the low mood continues for a month or longer, along with a number of other symptoms, a person may be experiencing depression. Usually a big event in life such as the loss of job, death of a loved one, the ending of a relationship can give rise to depressive feelings.

Causes of depression

There is not just one simple factor that can cause depression usually appears to be more than one reason, which might differ from person to person, but a person with family history of depression have an increased probability of having depression.

What are the signs of depression?


[list_item]Sleeping problems[/list_item]

[list_item]Lack of interest to do anything[/list_item]

[list_item]Fatigue and lack of energy[/list_item]

[list_item]Feeling Helpless or hopeless[/list_item]

[list_item]Eating disorder[/list_item]

[list_item]Having difficulty focusing[/list_item]

[list_item]Problem to make decisions[/list_item]

[list_item]Short temper[/list_item]

[list_item]Physical syndromes such as headaches, back pain, aching muscles and stomach pain[/list_item]

[list_item]Abusive behavior such as tendency to drink alcohol, or gambling or doing dangerous sports[/list_item]


How to fight depression

To be able to fight depression you need to make a few small changes in your lifestyle. The best way is keep busy, be more social and be active. The more you move and you be active the less depression can affect you. If you sit at home and let the negative thoughts take over you can’t win!

Things you can do to fight depression


[list_item]Talk about things that upset you and express your feelings and thoughts. Try to tell people close to you about the things that upset you. Sometimes having a good cry, relieving a painful experience, and talking things through can be very healing. It is also part of the mind’s natural mechanism.[/list_item]

[list_item]Get moving and do some exercises on a daily basis. It does not need to be heavy exercise, just simple daily walking for 30-60 minutes can help you to keep physically fit and you may sleep better. Keeping up some social activities such as going out with friends or going to the movies will help you to take your mind off painful feelings and may remove feelings of helpfulness.[/list_item]

[list_item]Take care of your health and have a balanced diet, especially fruit and vegetables, even though you may not feel like eating. Ask your doctor to give you some supplements and vitamins that can help you to keep healthy and don’t eat highly processed foods.[/list_item]

[list_item]Depression is a common accompaniment to physical illnesses, especially life-threatening ones, like cancer and heart disease. Similarly, depressive episodes appear to occur more often in individuals with a history of drug dependence and certain psychiatric conditions.[/list_item]

[list_item] As soon as you feel that you might have depression you should look for help and take care of it. If you don’t want to take medication, because of the side effects, there are always natural alternatives such as yoga and meditation along with herbal treatments will help you in the fight depression.[/list_item]

[list_item] Learning something new can make you get over depression. When you put your attention and focus on learning something that you are interested in, negative thoughts have no chance to take control of your brain and make you feel miserable again. Drawing, dancing, anything you love to learn or even a volunteer job can help you in this case.[/list_item]


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